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Listen to Trump’s prediction of Kovid-19, which says there will be so many deaths in America

Washington: Kovid in the World – 19 The death toll is setting new records every day. The president of the most powerful country in the world is busy predicting the deaths in his country. US President Donald Trump has again estimated the total number of deaths from this epidemic in the US and has stated that he estimates Kovid in the country – 19, the death toll will be less than a lakh. On Friday, however, he admitted that this number was “very scary”.

Explain that Trump did not estimate the number of Kovid-19 deaths in the U.S. for the first time. You speculated too. Rather, he has given this number more and more each time. In many cases, he also left behind the country’s experts and the studies carried out on the subject.

This is the reason for Trump’s estimates
Then the question arises, why does the US President want to increase the number of deaths in his country when China learns that it has hidden or rather reduced the actual number of deaths from this deadly virus? So the answer is that he wants to justify his government’s claims to save people by banning travel from China. However, allegations of lack of control sets and safety equipment for doctors and nurses by the provincial, local, and public health authorities reveal Trump’s actions.

Previously there was an estimated death of 2 lakh 40 thousand Americans

Corona Virus Task Force coordinator at the White House, Doctor Deborah Birks 29, estimated that one million to two million forty thousand American civilians will be killed in March by a corona virus infection. Was He also said that this will happen if people continue to follow the law of social distance.

At the same time, he also mentioned that the first assessment of this epidemic model shows that steps are not followed when strictness, ie social distance, frequent hand washing and locking. Kovid – 19 to 15 in the country 22 lakhs of people can die. Trump soon speculated that at most one lakh in the country would die from this infection.

Significantly, it is believed that China has assumed that the number of deaths in the world is less than the actual number. This fact also proved to be correct when he said about the Wuhan deaths a few days ago that there was a mistake in reporting the number of people who died from this virus as a result of misreported cases.

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