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This is Xbox Project Oris with accompanying controller [render]

When the Xbox Series X is finished, you can continue with this mouth-watering concept.

The name Xbox Project Oris and the use of the official Xbox logos and presentation style briefly confused a number of parties. Does Xbox come with a new version next to the Series X?

Unfortunately, this mouth- watering design is a design by the French designer Joseph Dumary and, as far as is known, does not (yet) mean anything official.

Xbox Project Oris, more than a console
Dumary explains in the explanation to his YouTube video that he is sorry that a console can no longer be used. That is why he has added all kinds of exciting features. How about a game-focused assistant? Night vision or a projector to play life size? It is all possible and this render is a feast for many gaming enthusiasts.

Associated controller: we are waiting for that
The controller cannot escape a major upgrade either. With a touch screen, fingerprint sensor and mobile wireless charging, it seems to surpass both the Xbox controllers and the Samsung PS5 Dual Sense Controller here .

There are currently no plans to market this Xbox Project Oris. However, I think the chances that Xbox and competitor PlayStation will draw significant inspiration from this are high.

Xbox Project Oris: improvement or too much frills?
Meanwhile, the design goes viral on the internet and many people think that this project is a real Xbox project. A smooth round of Twitter shows that a large number of Sony enthusiasts would drop the PlayStation as soon as this Oris was released.

A few are critical and think that too much unnecessary frills have been incorporated into the concept. For example, according to this review , the Oris could do without a projector and there is doubt about the quality of an assistant. We are curious whether we will see Dumary back at Xbox soon, but until then we will have to wait for the console, which is also full of impressive specifications .

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